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Making Made Easy

Professional-grade thermoforming for the modern maker.

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Chocolate MoldVaquformed by CMV Txokolat


Used to make coffee cups, dashboards, and a thousand everyday objects, thermoformers are versatile machines.

Except they aren't something you could just buy. They require a substantial investment in money, floor space and time, as they are complicated to operate.

Vaquform has changed all that. With clever design and innovative engineering, we made it simple. Now everybody can vaquform.

Simplified Interface

Vaquforming is as simple as selecting a material from the menu and pressing the START button. The are no knobs or dials to fiddle with, as all the settings are pre-configured automatically, according to the characteristics of your chosen material.

Dynamic Heating

When a material is heated, it goes through several phases before it becomes ready to be formed. Because each material is different, Vaquform heats each material differently, and dynamically. Power is increased or decreased as needed, so materials are always heated to an exact temperature.

Real-Time Temprature Tracking

Dynamic heating relies on real-time temperature data steaming from Vaquform's medical-grade IR sensor. With an accuracy of 0.1 degree Celsius, it checks material temperature, 10 times per second. It literally keeps an eye on things, so you can relax. Vaquform will let you know when its time pull the handlebar.

Hybrid Vacuum System

This innovation is what truly distiguishes Vaquform from all other thermoformers that came before it. Like an industrial vacuum pump, the hybrid vacuum is capable of high air flow and air pressure. But unlike an industrial pump, the system is light and small enough to be intergrated within the machine itself.

So just to be absolutely clear:
Vaquform does not need a separate vacuum unit.


The easiest way to understand how the hybrid vacuum works is by comparing it to two common ways suction is created in vacuum forming systems.

A thermoformer's performance is determined by two factors:

Air Flow + Air Pressure

Click on the animation above to see how Vaquform does it differently.

Air Compressors

Essentially air compressors working in reverse, vacuum pumps pull air at high pressure. In thermoformers, they need to be huge because apart from creating pressure, they also need to remove the air with sufficient speed.

Impeller Systems

Vacuum cleaners, which often power home-built and hobby formers, use an impeller spun rapidly to move air at high speed. But it does so with little force, maxing out at just ~3psi. That may be enough for thin films, but for jobs that call for sharp details or thick gauge material, this method is inadequate.

Hybrid Vacuum System

Inside each Vaquform is an impeller and a compressor working in tandem to get both high air flow and high pressure. When activated, it has the instantaneous suction of a vacuum cleaner, followed by the powerful pull of a vacuum pump.

Acoustic PanelsVaquformed by Isaiah Templo

Heating It Right

Whether you need sound-absorbing panels for your studio, or shells for R/C cars, there's a right material for the job. And each material needs to be finessed in a particular way.











For instance, PVC needs fast heat, while Acrylic needs slow, sustained heat, and so on. It's a lot to memorize.

To spare you from the headache, we designed heating routines for 10 of the most useful plastics, all stored in Vaquform's memory.

To heat a material,
simply select its profile.

As your business grows,
and a hundred orders
become thousands,
predictable, repeatable results
become absolutely essential.

1:28 R/C ShellsVaquformed by SDRacing HK

Shaping Businesses

Since our successful Kickstarter campaign in 2017, we've sold thousands of machines. People use them everyday for all sorts of applications in a wide range of industries and interests, for both work and play. 


• Planters

• Hydroponic Parts

• Trays


• Scale models

• Concrete molds

• Cornices


• Visors

• Cowls

• Armor pieces

• Masks

Arts & Crafts

• Candle molds

• DIY paint pallets

Culinary Arts

• Chocolate molds

• Texture mats

• Fondant molds

• Food trays


• Orthodontic splints

• Mouth guards

• Bleaching trays


• Enclosures


• Accessories

• Shoemaking


• Scale models

• RC car body shells

• Drone shells

Interior Design

• Custom lighting

• Wall paneling

• Sconces


• Lamps

• Sconces

• Lighted letters


• Prosthetics

• Medical equipment parts

• Orthopedic splints


• Blister packaging

• Fitted trays

• Beverage cups

• Food containers

Product Design

• Models

• Prototypes

Film Production

• Weapons

• Minature sets

• Costumes

• Props


• Lighted signs

• Giveaways

• Point-of-sale displays

Custom FacemaskVaquformed by ActivArmor