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Frequently Asked Questions


Vaquform is the world's first digital desktop vacuum former with industrial strength and digital intelligence.

Aside from the Vaquform machine itself, the package should include the ff:
• Quick Start Guide
• User Manual
• Power cord
• Handlebar
• Platen mesh
• Gloves
• Extra Magnets
• Plastic covers (orange and white)
• Tool Kit (wrench and allen keys)
• Filters
• A pack of HIPS (0.5mm, 40 sheets)

Each machine can produce ~500 forms per day, depending on the mold type and size.

Yes, payment can be made via or via bank transfer. Just send us a message for your direct purchase order.

Customers are given 7 days from delivery date to test their new unit of Vaquform, and file a request for return. If, for reasons other than poor performance of the machine, you decide to ship the product back to us, you will be issued a refund of 90% of the cost of the merchandise (exclusive of shipping fee to your address).It will be credited back as soon as we receive the item. A 10% restocking fee and the return shipment will be at the customer's cost.

You may send us an e-mail with your name, business address and some information about your company. Let's talk business at

Shipping and Handling

Normal delivery time within the United States is 5-7 days. For shipments outside of the US, it's 7-10 days. Special arrangements can be made for rush orders at an additional cost, to be determined based on the delivery address and turnaround time.

Vaquform is a US-registered company, with warehouses located in the US (catering to North and South America) and China (catering to Asia, Africa and Europe).

Yes, we fulfill dropshipped orders. Just give us a heads up, so we could specify this when we coordinate with our logistics partner.

You may use your own FedEx, DHL or other logisitics account to ship your order, but we have to ask you to create the label yourself. We will forward to you all the information you need for it, such as the weight and dimensions, warehouse address, and packing list once this is provided for us by the warehouse operations team. Please coordinate with our customers support via


You are free to get supplies from any source you may prefer, provided that:
a) The material is thermoformable plastic, which means it has the ability to be shaped using heat and pressure.
b) It is cut to L330 x W250, and is within the thickness range of 0.2 to 3.0 mm.
Currently, what we have available on the website are PETG, ABS and HIPS, but the machine has a library of heating presets that also support PP, PE, Acrylic, polycarbonate, PVC, Kydex and EVA. Although we cannot guarantee the results, you may also experiment with plastic sheets apart from the aforementioned since the machine is equipped with a sensor that can detect the temperature of plastic sheets.

For food packaging and other projects that will come in contact with food items, we recommend our PETG and HIPS sheets. For making chocolate molds, we recommend PETG, either 1.0mm or 0.5mm. It's very similar to polycarbonate, but far easier to form at a fraction of the cost. Chocolate demolds from PETG just as well as they do from polycarbonate molds.

We recommend using PETG 1.0mm for bigger molds, and 0.5mm PETG for smaller molds since bigger chocolate shapes take longer time to cool down. This means the sheet used should be able to withstand longer exposure to heat without being deformed. Using 1.0mm PETG sheets is enough for molds as big as what's made in this video. And 0.5mm PETG sheets are enough for regular bonbon sizes, as shown in this video.


Airholes and vents allow for better airflow. This prevents air from being trapped between the mold and the formed sheet. To capture details, drill 1mm holes in your mold in tight corners. If you want to keep your mold from moving, you may use magnets or double-sided tape at the bottom to keep it in place.

It depends on how many runs to which you want to subject your mold, and the level of detail that you desire. For super sharp corners, you may use 3D prints, resin molds, or laser cut acrylic panels. Basic child's modelling clay will do if you want less than 4 forms .If you want more out of it, we would recommend using a more durable material. To better assist you, here are some videos using different materials.

Plastic sheets for mask making
Laser cut acrylic
3D Printed
Resin with EVA foam strips
Found objects


You may change the temperature unit to Celsius by updating the firmware. You may check the instructions here.

If it is a newly acquired machine, there is no need to do anything with the firmware. It's ready to use. Firmware update is only done when we have new features. For example, when a new heat setting for a specific material is included in the options. DT2 is basically plug and play.

For now, Vaquform only works with Windows. This is required only when you install or update the firmware though. After which, you may use the machine by itself.