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Chocolatier Vaquform Makers Feature

Posted by Alex Abella on

We put Vaquform out into the world knowing full well the possibilities were endless as far as its application was concerned. Right at the very start, we knew this portable machine held so much promise for makers, but it wasn’t until we began seeing the actual works that we started realizing its power to shape not just molds, but entire special interest communities.

Such is what Vaquform has been doing for chocolatiers. Using the DT2, gifted artisans from all over the world are leveling up in their craft through custom mold making and even packaging, allowing them to enrich their beloved customers’ chocolate experience with every unique mold built.

To know more about these sweet Vaquform journeys, read it straight from the chocolatiers themselves:


Laminiak is an innovation workshop for pastry chefs and chocolate makers.

“I carry out Research and Development there for the customization of utensils and custom manufacturing in very small series to support craftsmen in their projects. I train pastry chefs, chocolate makers, caterers in handling machines (3D printers, thermoformers, digital milling machines, silicone molding, resin, etc.) and in mastering food standards. My expertise in materials and in chocolate pastry making allows me to advise professionals on the best safe production methods.”

How has your experience been with Vaquform?

The Vaquform is a quick start-up tool, which allows molds to be made very quickly. It is ideal for small laboratories of chocolate makers and pastry chefs.

When I make molds by thermoforming, I ensure the quality of the materials I choose for my dies as well as the quality of my environment. Each roughness, each surface defect will be a source of difficulty in maintaining a food-grade product over the long term. By taking the time to choose each parameter wisely, we achieve durable molds with the Vaquform.



In 2017, Hernan Lauber founded Oodaalolly in San Francisco, California. As a Filipino-American and son of a Swiss chocolate maker, Hernan decided to blaze a new path in his family’s chocolate heritage by blending the flavor and precision of both cultures.

Using time-honored family recipes infused with modern techniques and technology, Oodaalolly makes magic out of ingredients sourced directly from the Philippines, creating world-class, proudly Filipino chocolate as a result.

The single-origin chocolate brings the same joy and delight our founder experienced as a child to the next generation of chocolate lovers. 

“We’re always up to something new, but we never forget the traditions of the past.”

Do you think that the Vaquform is an essential tool in your craft?

Polycarbonate molds may be the gold standard for makers and chocolatiers because of their long life and durability, but once purchased, bar designs are more or less set in stone. 

Vacuum-formed molds, on the other hand, may seem less durable because of lower capital expenditure but actually have no difference in terms of the quality of molded chocolate vis-à-vis polycarbonate molds. 

Designs are so much more flexible and quick, allowing us to satisfy clients even more with every bar always looking as good as it tasted. The Vaquform DT2 and the spontaneity it gives for such a small investment are a huge part of Oodaalolly’s success as a bean-to-bar chocolate maker.


Enigma Chocs

After falling in love with the mystique of chocolate many years ago, not a day has gone by since Enigma Fine Chocolates opened that our passion hasn’t grown. Here, the aim is to share our belief of how chocolate is an ingredient full of character, complexity, and stories–not just something that coats a confectionary bar.

Based in Canberra, Australia, Enigma Fine Chocolates specializes in handmade award-winning artisan-style chocolate truffles, bars, unique items, and hot chocolate made from the highest quality cocoa beans sourced from all around the world. It is here that chocolates, in all their wonderful glory, are showcased and shared with everyone who comes to visit.

How has Vaquform impacted your craft?

Because of Vaquform, I am able to create molds for custom orders that are really specific to my client's needs, making their chocolate-buying experience as special as it can be. Not to mention, using the Vaquform is much more cost-effective and time-efficient, thanks to the machine being easy to use with its pre-programmed settings and large working surface.

Since using the Vaquform, I feel there is greater freedom for creativity and efficiency. The possibilities of what can be made are almost endless.


Chef Jerome Binaya

A global specialist, consultant, and trainer with over 20 years of experience in food-related industries, Chef Jerome specializes in pastries, bread, and chocolates. He earned his stripes as an esteemed Pastry Chef in various establishments and institutions. He was the first Filipino Pastry Chef to have worked for Dawn Food Global, a hundred-year-old bakery and baking supply company based in the U.S.

How would you describe your experience with Vaquform?

Using Vaquform is like making a piece of art into chocolate. It’s easy yet still creative and innovative, like a sculpting machine except that it’s one-click use. If you’re a chocolatier or an aspiring pastry chef looking to explore the depths of your creativity, getting a DT2 is one important investment you can make. 


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