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User Manual & Quick Start Guide

Access the Vaquform User Manual and Quick Start Guide online.
Available in English, Chinese, German, Nihongo

Latest firmware

For the best performance, always use the latest firmware: Vaquform Firmware v1.3030

What's new in this update

  • PETG Target Temperature. The target temperature for the PETG material profile has been lowered to 135C.

  • VFlex Material Profile. You may now choose the saved material profile when forming with VFlex. Click this link to order VFlex Sheets.

  • "Almost there" alert. The machine will produce a series of beeps when it reaches 5 degrees below the target temperature. A screen prompt telling the user to get ready to lower the handle bar will also be displayed.

  • Thickness limit for PMMA and PC. PMMA (Acrylic) and PC form at really high temperatures. When forming with thicker sheets, too much heat transfers to the lower unit and causes it to overheat. The thickness limit for PMMA is now set at 1.5mm and for PC at 1mm.

Note: Some units are reported to have firmware update failure. We are working to find a solution to this. In the meantime, you may add the Vflex to your library of presets by selecting User 1, 2 or 3 and saving the ff. settings: temperature 105C, K= <the thickness of your sheet> and V=0 .


Previous Version

Vaquform Firmware V1.3010

  • Slow Heating Prompt. If the machine is heating slower than expected, a prompt will pop up. Press the left navigation key and select [YES] to continue heating, or the right navigation key [NO] to restart cycle. If the machine receives no response in 30 seconds, the cycle will automatically stop. This prompt may appear for your initial use, especially when you are operating the unit in a cold environment.

  • Cooling Time. The standard cooling time is recalibrated for each plastic sheet thickness. The vacuums will shut off after about a minute or so of cooling. Please use safety gloves when releasing the mold to avoid accidentally burning yourself.

How to upload a firmware

1. Install USB Driver on a computer running Windows 7 or later. Skip this step if you've installed this before.

2. Download and unpack the ZIP file containing the latest firmware

Lastest firmware

3. Download programmer. You'll need a program called XLoader to upload the firmware's .hex file. 


4. Open Xloader and load the .hex file from step 2. 

5. Set XLoader as follows

  • Device: Uno (Atmega328)
  • COM port: the COM port used by the machine. 
  • Baud rate: 115200

6. Press Upload and wait for upload to complete It shouldn't take more than about 30 seconds.