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 Latest firmware

For the best performance, always use the latest firmware: Vaquform Firmware V1.2100

What's new in this update

  • Manual mode. In manual mode you all automatic functions are switched off. In this mode, pressing the orange button during a heat cycle allows you to go from HEAT to VAC1 to VAC2 sequentially.

  • Clear mode. This mode is intended for materials that are transparent in the IR spectrum. For PETG and PVC, you may use the standard profiles as they are not transparent in the mid-IR range at which the sensor operates.

    In this mode the IR sensor is switched off, therefore no material temperature reading will appear on screen. This means you will have to keep an eye on the material, judge when it is ready, and manually begin the vacuum by pressing the orange button.

Previous Version

Vaquform Firmware V1.2057

  • Fixed runaway heating bug. We receive reports from early users that the heater sometimes continues to heat up even after a cycle has ended or has been cancelled, especially during extended use. We were able to investigate the bug and reproduce it in our lab. This firmware update will fix it. We also included additional safety features. Read on.

  • Revised: maximum cycle time. The machine now double checks if the heater has indeed shut down after a 'timeout'. The timeout is triggered when a cycle reaches 20 minutes.

  • Blocked IR detection. The IR sensor--the black circle on the left side of the machine--is normally blocked when the handlebar is down. If a cycle is started but the handlebar wasn't raised, the system will heat up 'blindly'. It's a potentially dangerous situation where the system keeps the heater on because it's not getting a correct reading from the IR sensor. To be safe, the system now cancels a cycle if the IR is blocked for more than a few seconds--for any reason. This feature was introduced in V1.2055.

    In V1.2057, the detection algorithm now takes the thickness of the material into account, thereby reducing the 'false positives' reported by some users.

  • No sheet detection. Users sometimes start a cycle without loading a plastic sheet. We've done it many times ourselves. When a heating cycle starts, the system now checks if a sheet has been loaded or not. If not, then it cancels the cycle.

  • Residual heat recovery. There's always some useful heat left after a cycle. The system now takes advantage of this residual heat, and only switches on the heater when absolutely necessary. This saves energy and prevents the system from overheating.

  • Fahrenheit display. While the system logic operates in Celsius, you now have the option to have the temperature displayed in Fahrenheit. You're welcome America!

  • New vacuum switch-over protocol. The dual stage vacuum uses a pressure sensor to trigger the switch-over from VAC1 to VAC2. This works most of the time. But we've received reports of some inconsistency. In this update, the system now also considers user behavior. The lowering of the handlebar and pressure feedback now both control the switch-over.

How to upload a firmware

1. Install USB Driver on a computer running Windows 7 or later. Skip this step if you've installed this before.

2. Download and unpack the ZIP file containing the latest firmware

Lastest firmware

3. Download programmer. You'll need a program called XLoader to upload the firmware's .hex file. 


4. Open Xloader and load the .hex file from step 2. 

5. Set XLoader as follows

  • Device: Uno (Atmega328)
  • COM port: the COM port used by the machine. 
  • Baud rate: 115200

6. Press Upload and wait for upload to complete It shouldn't take more than about 30 seconds.



Product Manual

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