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Maker Faire Magic

Posted by Faye Valencia on

Last month, Team Vaquform had a blast at the World Maker Faire in New York. We and nearly 1,000 makers, presenters, and exhibitors from around the world set up booths at the New York Hall of Science.

Maker Faire began as an event created by Make magazine in 2006. It was envisioned as a family-friendly event to celebrate the Maker Movement.

The events boasts of a wide range of experiences — from the most basic crafting processes that appeal to newbie makers to more sophisticated technology that's ideal for seasoned creators.

As Sabrina Merlo, managing director for Maker Faire, explained: "World Maker Faire is the East Coast's biggest celebration for grassroots innovation and creativity. Walking around the Faire, attendees often report a sense of inspiration, but also empowerment. It's a feeling that it's possible to design solutions, to make change — to be a Maker."

Merlo likewise added, "Oftentimes, people leave the Faire inspired to go home and tackle that idea or project they've always wanted to try."

In line with that, Maker Faire expanded the program this year withn a series of workshops along with the Make Education Forum, which focused on "the leaders, influencers, and practitioners providing support, services, and programs to bring making into schools." This is also an advcocacy that Vaquform believes in.

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