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Vaquformable PPE Mask

Posted by John Tan on

This is a follow up to the vaquformable face shield we posted here.

Vaquformable Mask

Mask STL file
Filter Adaptor STL file
Screw Cap STL file
Modifiable CAD files

Print in PLA, PETG, or ABS with following parameters

Form using 1.0mm ABS or HIPS

We're giving 50% off on 1.0mm ABS and HIPS sheets. Stocks are limited, so please purchase only what you need. We're hoping our supplies would reach as many people on the front lines as possible.

We suggest buying no more than 5 at a time.

Discount code: cvd19

Mask Filter Adaptor

Printing parameters


Demolding Procedure

Tip 1: Print 2 sets if possible

The forming tool will last longer if you allow it to cool between formings. If you print 2 or more tools, you can keep forming for hours by alternating tools between cycles.

Tip 2: Form multiple items at once

Form 2 masks at once


Tip 3: Have a spray bottle or a wet rag on hand

The sheet clamp/frame and the perforated mesh will heat up if you're forming continuously. To quickly cool down these components, spray them with a mist of water or wipe them down with a wet rag.

The evaporating water will quickly wick the excess heat off of them.

Tip 4: Use a mold release agent

The hot plastic sheet has a tendency to stick to the 3D printed forming tool making it difficult to demold. To make it easier, slather the tool with a generous amount of petroleum jelly, or even vegetable oil.

Too big or too small?

Scale the STL up or down to resize. Or better yet print several tools in different sizes.

Please share with us your results, good or bad

We shall be iterating this design as we go. If you have ideas, no matter how raw, let us know and our team will do our best to develop it further.

Stay safe. Stay indoors.

Reach us through our social pages or by email:

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